Personal iOS/Android project development flow setup

  • Tasks manager for release planner
  • Source version control
  • Automated CI for tests and deployment
GitHub Projects page
  • Any new idea at first goes to Backlog (most leftish column)
  • Then I decide what would go into what version by moving items from Backlog to a Version column
  • When I’m ready to work on a task, I move it from Version column to In Progress Column
  • When the Version column becomes empty -> I release the version
Converting task to issue
A branch is created automatically
When there are recent changes in a branch, GitHub will suggest creating a PR
You won't be able to merge until all checks passed on the PR
Once all checks passed you are free to merge
Email with an invite to install a new build
Prompt to delete a branch that just got merged
The issue jumps to Done column
Tagging a version in sourcetree
Progress of a build on Bitrise CI




iOS & Android developer in FinTech

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Deniss Kaibagarovs

Deniss Kaibagarovs

iOS & Android developer in FinTech

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